6 awesome film streaming apps for android

Who does not love to watch films? Everyone loves to watch films. Films are the best way of entertainment in today’s generation. Going to movies is now like a trend. Keeping yourself updated includes watching latest movies. The kind of movies anyone likes depends upon an individual. Some like comedy, some like romance, some like suspense, some like horror and the categories can go on and on.

The thing is though you cannot catch all your desired movies on PVRs. You are bound to miss some. So now what do to? Here come the movies apps to your rescue. Many apps have been created these apps help us by streaming latest movies or movies of our desire and we can watch them anytime we want. So now which apps to download? Some apps are worthless, some are for iOS and some costly. So here 6 apps that are for android users for free –


CinemaBox is one of the most popular app for streaming movies. Initially this app was named PlayBox HD. It offers many features like the offline mode. You can offline the movie you want and watch it whenever you have time. It also supports subtitle. It also has features like Chrome Cast support and kid’s mode.



ShowBox is one of the most amazing android apps. This app can be installed on mobiles, tablets and laptops. This app streams the latest movies and TV episodes. The app saves you the trouble of surfing the net and downloading a movie while you can actually watch it online. This app gets you HD quality movies and episodes.


MovieBox app gets you the latest movies and episodes in HD quality. You do not have to download them as you can see online on this app. This saves users a lot of time which would have been wasted on surfing the net and then downloading it. Also if had you been downloading and in between network goes off and all your efforts ruined. So the app is here to save you from that trouble. The downloading link of this app is available on the homepage of the official website.

MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is a new android app. This app has a benefit that its size is very small so people with space issues have a savior. The app allows its users to stream movies in two different qualities. One in 360p and other option is 720p. The app gives quality movies without using much resource.

Newest Movie Box

Newest Movie Box app is the best app to watch quality movies if you do not want any subscription. This app allows you to download free movies in HD quality on your mobile phones.

Flipps HD

Flipps HD app is more than just movie streaming app. It allows you to watch movies, viral videos, listen to music and do all this along with streaming live sites. You can also download movies through this app.

So all these apps are waiting just to be installed on your phones and the movie ride begins.